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T4 Units - Super UnitsEdit

Super Units

T4 Units can be recruited once level 90 is reached. Upon reaching level 90 on the recruit screen a new button appears, with the label "Super Units."

Clicking the button brings you to the pop-up screen below.


As can be seen above, Super Units are recruited by turning in mercenaries. The exchange rate is normally 20:1, so 400 bandits will become 20 super units. Two hours during the day allow for a 10:1 exchange rate instead.

A few notes:

  • The process requires three different types of units to exchange
  • Three different super unit types are randomly selected for each exchange
  • The exchange has a cooldown which increases each time an exchange is made each day (10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, etc.)
  • This exchange process ignores population multipliers (i.e. 1 flyer counts as 1 unit) so 100 bandits could become 5 Griffins, or 100 Fire elementals could become 5 Siren Archers
  • There must be space in the pre-exchange population for the T4 units that will be recruited

Double Exchange TimeEdit

At server time 10:00 - 11:00 and 19:00 - 20:00, the exchange rate for super units goes down from 20:1 to 10:1.

Example ExchangeEdit

Normal Rate: 1000 Bandits, 400 Fire Elementals, 100 Bark Monsters => 50 Griffins, 20 Rippers, 5 Siren Archers

Double Rate: 1000 Bandits, 400 Fire Elementals, 100 Bark Monsters => 100 Griffins, 40 Rippers, 10 Siren Archers


Image Name Type Attack Defense Agility Vitality Counter Double Strike Critical Accuracy Speed
Ripper Head Ripper Infantry 715 480 270 1500 640 320 560 700 3
Siren Archer Head Siren Archer Archer 475 300 250 450 160 640 240 800 2
Dark Knight Head Dark Knight Cavalry 1280 525 300 2700 448 160 768 600 4
Occultist Head Occultist Spellcaster 520 250 190 425 160 224 512 420 1
Griffin Head Griffin Flyer 1650 650 380 3600 240 352 448 650 6

You can find T4 cards (unbound) in Purgatory Abyss. Those cards gives you 100 T4 units (not as T3 cards giving 500 units). You can get T4 cards in some event, such as Call of the Deads when you lost 400 T4 units you receive a Elite Battalion*1 chest which when open provide a random T4 card.

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