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Pets have been introduced on 20 June 2013 Maintenance. An update followed on 22 August 2013 Maintenance introducing Monster Island Map, Pet Auction House and increasing the amount of items that can be fed to pets.

Here is a good guide in official forum.

Monster IslandEdit

Monster Island is accessible from Miladiel Galaron at Hellgate in Infernus. On the Monster Island there is Monster's Lair (a place where players can get pets), Colosseum (an upcoming feature), Beast Master's Post (with Antonia the Town Mayor), Pet Auction House (where players can trade pets) and Coliseum of Enlightenment (which works like a Marketplace at the moment).

Monter's Lair is the place where players can get pet cards. Players can access the following "dungeons": Forbidden Lands at level 60, Dawn Cliff at level 70, Boundless Laputan at level 80, Howling Dungeon at level 90, Sunset Abyss at level 100, Frozen Cemetery at level 110, Forgotten Passage at level 120 and Doom Sea at level 130. Each day a player starts with one dungeon key for those pet dungeons (a VIP player has two at their disposal). One key is required to enter a dungeon. Players can buy more keys at 10 gold each - however with the extremely low droprate in the instances it is not worth the gold.

There is currently a glitch which allows extra island hopping. If you end the day on the level 60 island, you can explore it again the next day without using a key. This leaves an extra key free to explore either the level 70 island, or the level 60 island again.


Orange pets have souls which need to be collected separately. When a soul is collected it is added to your collection book.



Attribute is similar to hero specialty.

Attribute Name Features


Pet qualities are as follow (currently confirmed):

  • White
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Red (can be obtained through exchange shop or transmutation)

Higher quality pets can be collected by breeding pets using Breed Stones.

Orange Pet Souls are collected directly to Collection Book.

Rabid Wolf Soul ulocks 4th entry in Collection Book: Rabid Wolf: Attack Aptitude 36~80, Defense Aptitude 33~63, Agility Aptitude 47~66, Vitatlity Aptitude 34~78. The biography says: "Rabid Wolves are a kind of wild wolves which live in hill zone. Different from other wild wolves, they prefer acting alone to living in groups. Looking into the dark night, are their jewel-like mysterious eyes glowing with danger and brightness."


Pets have stats like Heroes and Equipment. Attack, Defense, Agility, and Vitality.


This is the multiplier which is applied to the pets stats when equipped by a hero. Once pet is equipped by a hero, the amount of stats added to hero is as follows: Hero Stat with Pet = Hero Stat without Pet + Pet Stat * Multipler. The table below shows available Boost levels, their corresponding Multipler value and the chance to increase the Boost value, explained below.

Boost Multiplier Taming Chance Extra for ensure Note
1 0.3 100% Base boost for white pets
2 0.35 95% Base boost for blue pets
3 0.4 90% Base boost for purple pets
4 0.45 85% Base boost for orange pets
5 0.5 80% Base boost for red pets
6 0.55 75% 2
7 0.6 70% 2
8 0.7 60% 2
9 0.8 50% 3
10 0.9 45% 3
11 1 40% 4
12 1.1 30% 5

For example for Boost level 1, if a pet has Attack 10, the hero gains +3 Attack when the pet is equipped. The chance to increase the Boost level with Taming is 95%.

Players can increase their pet's Boost by Taming the pet using Taming Whip (add item color). To Tame a pet, it cannot be equipped by any hero. Chance of successfuly taming a pet is decreased the higher the level of pet's boost is. Succesful Taming increases the pet's Boost value. Failed Taming decreases the pet's Boost value, which can be prevented by using an extra Taming Whip (add item color). The amount of additional Taming Whips required to keep the Boost value of a pet increases with Boost level.


About skills nothing is known at this time.

Formations Edit

Pets deployement works very like the hero one. You can find formation tome chapters for pets in Monster Island or from events and transmuted by transmutation master.


For each stat, pets also have Aptitude. Aptitude has a Current Value and a Maximum Value. The amount of stats gained by pet upon leveling up is dependant on aptitude and boost. Currently the formula for stat gain is still speculated, and requires more tests. However, based on inital data it may be as follows: Stat gain by pet upon leveling up = (Boost + 0,05) * Current Aptitude


Black Market appears each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday between 0:00 - 1:00 and 12:00 - 13:00 Server Time. It offers Scrolls and Materials for Pet Equipment. The currency for those are the Black Spar, which can be gained by completing Daily Tasks. Little is known at the moment about the effects of Pet Equipment.

Pets ListEdit

Name & Quality Image Attribute Max Atk Apt Max Def Apt Max Agi Apt Max Vit Apt
Abyss MurlocAbyss Murloc Pet HeadAgile20162619
BonebreakerBonebreaker Pet HeadResilient18232124
Canyon StriderCanyon Strider Pet HeadAgile20172719
Frost MutantFrost Mutant Pet HeadObedient20202325
Gray HornGray Horn Pet HeadAgile20162619
Gypsy ToadstoolGypsy Toadstool Pet HeadFierce23192024
Orcish GuardianOrcish Guardian Pet HeadResilient18232124
Rabid WolfRabid Wolf Pet HeadFierce23162224
Rusted MeshweaverRusted Meshweaver Pet HeadFierce21141914
Silver StingerSilver Stinger Pet HeadObedient20202225
Abyss MurlocAbyss Murloc Pet HeadAgile27233525
BonebreakerBonebreaker Pet HeadResilient24312931
Canyon StriderCanyon Strider Pet HeadAgile27243625
Frost MutantFrost Mutant Pet HeadObedient27283133
Gray HornGray Horn Pet HeadAgile27233525
Gypsy ToadstoolGypsy Toadstool Pet HeadFierce30262831
Orcish GuardianOrcish Guardian Pet HeadResilient24312931
Rabid WolfRabid Wolf Pet HeadFierce30233031
Rusted MeshweaverRusted Meshweaver Pet HeadFierce30253031
Silver StingerSilver Stinger Pet HeadObedient27283033
Abyss MurlocAbyss Murloc Pet HeadAgile39334635
BonebreakerBonebreaker Pet HeadResilient35443843
Canyon StriderCanyon Strider Pet HeadAgile39354735
Frost MutantFrost Mutant Pet HeadObedient39404145
Gray HornGray Horn Pet HeadAgile39334635
Gypsy ToadstoolGypsy Toadstool Pet HeadFierce43373743
Orcish GuardianOrcish Guardian Pet HeadResilient35443843
Rabid WolfRabid Wolf Pet HeadFierce43334043
Rusted MeshweaverRusted Meshweaver Pet HeadFierce43364043
Silver StingerSilver Stinger Pet HeadObedient39404045
Abyss MurlocAbyss Murloc Pet HeadAgile54465948
BonebreakerBonebreaker Pet HeadResilient49614958
Canyon StriderCanyon Strider Pet HeadAgile54496048
Frost MutantFrost Mutant Pet HeadObedient54565361
Gray HornGray Horn Pet HeadAgile54465948
Gypsy ToadstoolGypsy Toadstool Pet HeadFierce59524858
Orcish GuardianOrcish Guardian Pet HeadResilient49614958
Rabid WolfRabid Wolf Pet HeadFierce59465258
Rusted MeshweaverRusted Meshweaver Pet HeadFierce59505258
Silver StingerSilver Stinger Pet HeadObedient54565261
Abyss MurlocAbyss Murloc Pet HeadAgile74637465
BonebreakerBonebreaker Pet HeadResilient67836278
Canyon StriderCanyon Strider Pet HeadAgile74677665
Frost MutantFrost Mutant Pet HeadObedient74766782
Gray HornGray Horn Pet HeadAgile74637465
Gypsy ToadstoolGypsy Toadstool Pet HeadFierce80716178
Orcish GuardianOrcish Guardian Pet HeadResilient67836278
Rabid WolfRabid Wolf Pet HeadFierce80636678
Rusted MeshweaverRusted Meshweaver Pet HeadFierce80686678
Silver StingerSilver Stinger Pet HeadObedient74766682
Headless HorsemanHeadless Horseman Pet Head Obedient
Lantern MonsterLantern Monster Pet Head
HellhoundHellhound Pet HeadFierce
Santa clausSanta Claus Pet Head Fierce75706055
SnowmanSnowman Pet Head Resilient60805067
Headless HorsemanHeadless Horseman Pet Head Obedient881016881
Lantern MonsterLantern Monster Pet Head
HellhoundHellhound Pet HeadFierce100917868
Santa clausSanta Claus Pet Head Fierce101957674
SnowmanSnowman Pet Head Resilient821086490

Pet ColosseumEdit

Since the 08/01/2014 pets of players can fight each other in Monster Island Colosseum.

Once pets deployed in the pet section you can save the formation as in PvP arena. There is at this time only one formation available but others will come up later.

Every day you have 12 challenge attempts. Challenge attempts will be reset at 0 each day. After you used up all free attempts, you can buy 3 extra attempts at most per day. Each attempt costs you 5 gold.
About Ranking When Player A challenges Player B
1. Player A wins
a. If Player A ranks higher than Player B before the challenge, both players’ rankings won’t be changed.
b. If Player A ranks lower than Player B before the challenge, Player A and Player B will be swapped on ranking.
2. Player A loses
Both players’ rankings won’t be changed.
Ranking Prizes: Every 0 a.m. Wednesday and 0 a.m. Sunday, the Top 10 players will be awarded the following prizes.
Pet Colosseum Champion pack Open: You will get Competitive badge *5,Senior Pet EXP Pill*2,Taming Whip*3
Pet Colosseum Runner-up pack Open: You will get Competitive badge *4,Senior Pet EXP Pill*2,Taming Whip*1
Pet Colosseum 3-5 places pack Open: You will get Competitive badge *3,Junior Pet EXP Pill*2
Pet Colosseum 6-10 places pack Open: You will get Competitive badge *3,Junior Pet EXP Pill*1

Pet Equipment & Black Market Edit

Black Market has been added the 07/25/2013 allowing players to get euipement for their pets.


a. Black Market is open for 1 hour, it is at 0:00~1:00 and 12:00~13:00 (Server Time) each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

b. The player can buy items in Black Market during this 1-hour period. The items offered in Black Market are scrolls and materials used to make pet equips. By completing Daily Tasks, the player can collect Black Spars which can be used to exchange for corresponding materials.

c. The items in Black Market will be refreshed every 30 minutes, the player can also instantly refresh the items by spending Gold. The items in Black Market are limited, which means you can’t buy the sold-out items. And even if you spend gold to refresh, you may still encounter sold-out items .

d. Tons of items will be on sale each time the Black Market descends.e. The player can make pet equipment with the scroll and materials bought from Black Market.

f. Open the scroll to check the materials required, then buy the corresponding materials from Black Market to make the equipment.

Better equipement can be earn in some events.

Image Name Class Pet lvl Attack Defense Agility Vitality
Executioner's Choker Executioner's Choker Pendant 1 2400 2800
Executioner's Teeth Executioner's Teeth Chain 1 2500 2300
Executioner's Breastplate Executioner's Breastplate Chestplate 1 2600 2700
Executioner's Handguards Executioner's Handguards Gauntlet 1 2600 2300
Jaguar Pendant Jaguar Pendant Pendant 5 220 315
Jaguar Chain Jaguar Chain Chain 5 220 230
Jaguar Gauntlet Jaguar Gauntlet Gauntlet 5 180 250
Jaguar Chestplate Jaguar Chestplate Chestplate 5 280 340
Panther Pendant Panther Pendant Pendant 10 340 493
Panther Chain Panther Chain Chain 10 340 340
Panther Gauntlet Panther Gauntlet Gauntlet 10 300 370
Panther Chestplate Panther Chestplate Chestplate 10 400 430
Leopard Pendant Leopard Pendant Pendant 15 500 620
Leopard Chain Leopard Chain Chain 15 250 560
Leopard Gauntlet Leopard Gauntlet Gauntlet 15 450 490
Leopard Chestplate Leopard Chestplate Chestplate 15 550 540
Endless Pendant Endless Pendant Pendant 20 700 720
Endless Chain Endless Chain Chain 20 670 660
Endless Gauntlet Endless Gauntlet Gauntlet 20 630 650
Endless Chestplate Endless Chestplate Chestplate 20 600 660
Endless Pendant Endless Pendant Pendant 30 1500 1600
Endless Chain Endless Chain Chain 30 1300 1280
Endless Gauntlet Endless Gauntlet Gauntlet 30 1200 1300
Endless Chestplate Endless Chestplate Chestplate 30 1200 1300
Juggernaut's Pendant Juggernaut's Pendant Pendant 40 2500 2700
Juggernaut's Chain Juggernaut's Chain Chain 40 2600 2200
Juggernaut's Gauntlet Juggernaut's Gauntlet Gauntlet 40 2800 2100
Juggernaut's Chestplate Juggernaut's Chestplate Chestplate 40 2500 2800
Bloodsucker's Pendant Bloodsucker's Pendant Pendant 45 3000 3100
Bloodsucker's Collar Bloodsucker's Collar Chain 45 3200 2700
Bloodsucker's Gauntlets Bloodsucker's Gauntlets Gauntlet 45 2900 3400
Bloodsucker's Chestguard Bloodsucker's Chestguard Chestplate 45 2900 3200
Tartalarean Chain Tartalarean Chain Chain 50 3700 3000
Tartalarean Gauntlet Tartalarean Gauntlet Gauntlet 50 3000 3900
Gautlet Pendant Gautlet Pendant Pendant 50 3500 3600
Gautlet Chestplate Gautlet Chestplate Chestplate 50 3300 3500

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