Wicked Torrent Spaulders

Atk:154 Def:140 Vit:101
60wt2 Wicked Torrent Seal Atk159 Acc:62 Counter:192
60wt3 Wicked Torrent Leggings Atk:55 Def:149 Agi:34 Vit:263
60wt4 Wicked Torrent Wand Atk:753 Acc:167 Double Strike:198
60wt5 Wicked Torrent Armor Atk:53 Def:287 Agi:102 Vit:53
60wt6 Wicked Torrent Boots Atk:56 Def:76 Agi:176 Vit:56
60wt7 Wicked Torrent Headpiece Atk:49 Def:67 Agi:31 Acc:87
60wt8 Wicked Torrent Blueglass Atk:284 Vit:56 Critical: 671


Set Bonuses:

2/8 Pieces: Agility +40

4/8 Pieces: Attack +180

{C}6/8 Pieces: Double Strike +100

6/8 Pieces: Max. Units +70

Recommended Hero Specialty: Balanced

Recommended Unit Type: Flying Units ONLY

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