VIP (very important person) is the 'premium membership' of Call of Gods.

It costs 100 gold/30 days.

For buying any amount of gold for the first time palyers can activate (click the VIP icon at the avatar frame) a free 7 day VIP test period.

The advantages (some are not mentioned in the game) are:

  • +150 maximum energy (450 instead of 300, allowing 150 more battles/day)
  • +5 plunders/day (20 instead of 15)
  • no silver to list anything in the Auction House
  • lost troops are refilled automatically after each battle (as long as there are backup troops of course)
  • coliseum (XP stones) and ancient's blessing (resource stones) can be used 24h nonstop (2h for non-VIP)
  • discout (20%) on most items in the game's shop (gold, coupon & silver items)
  • you can upload and use your own custom avatar portrait

  • AFTER 30 days of VIP players can collect a gift pack at the VIP page (see screenshot) containing 1x dungeon key, 2x gold key, 3x bounty card (value 50 gold, 40g discounted).

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