The Undead worship the Dragon of Life. Their motto is that death means peace, order and eternal beauty.

Basic informationEdit

Survived a life of deportation by humans and elves. Ruthless yet tough, they've become more responsive and powerful especially with the help of much wartime experience. The emergence of a few mighty heroes seems to suggest their racial rejuvenation. Actually, the inflated ambition will surely lead to a new war in the name of revenge. Finally, the undead will command an influential presence in the world. After all, they've tolerated and yielded for too long.





Obelisk of HeroesEdit


Tomb of WarEdit


Twilight CitadelEdit



Infernal ArmoryEdit



Name Att Def POP Agi Hit Vit Spd
Skeleton Warrior 120 185 1 95 190 273 3
Skeleton Archer 135 120 1 120 210 185 2
Dark Knight 190 210 2 105 200 420 4
Undead Mage 185 100 1 85 200 178 1
Bone Dragon 320 245 3 150 240 557 6
Deathbringer 180 278 1 143 285 409 3
Phantom Archer 203 180 1 180 315 276 2
Stygian Knight 285 315 2 158 300 630 4
Lich 278 150 1 128 300 267 1
Spectral Dragon 480 368 3 225 360 835 6


Name Description
Adumbral Altar Prerequisite of constructing all buildings. A place to store copper.
Haunted Woods Produce and temporarily store lumber.
Quartz Crypt Produce and temporarily store stone.
Iron Pit Produce and temporarily store iron.
Copper Cavern Produce and temporarily store coin.
Necroden Place for hiring soldiers, Higher levels allow more soldiers to be recruited.
Doom Tower Place for technology research, Higher levels allow more advanced technology research.
Bloodboil Forge Produces various weapons, and increases drafting speed.
Monolith Provides mandatory conditions for training cavalry and flying units, and increases drafting speed.
Dark Cellar Increases lumber, stone and iron resource storage capacity.
Graveyard Increases city's population limit.
Hell's Gate Increases offense and defence of garrisoned troops

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