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Type of Treasure Chest Edit

There are two type of Treasure Chest:

Bronze Treasure Chest

Example of Chest

Bronze Key

Example of Key

Online Pack

Example of Pack

  • Chest: This type of container need other item to be opened, like key. Usually can be found in dungeons.
  • Pack: This type of container not need other item to be opened, and sometimes can be called Gift. Usually can be obtain as reward for event or bought at the shop.

Content of Treasure Chest Edit

The content of Treasure Chest can be of this type:

  • Fixed items, like complete suit set.
  • One or more random item from a pools of its, like one of red gems.
  • Change to get item from a pools of its. Usually this type is together with ones of previous type.

Any Treasure Chest can have one or more of this types. You can see the content of the Treasure Chest in your inventory with Ctr + Left Click on it.

List of Treasure Chest Edit

A lot of events provides players with special packs or chests, so they can't be listed.

Dungeon Chest Edit

Suit Chest Edit

PVP Chest Edit

Category Chest champion pack not found

Supply Chest Edit

Category Chest resource chest not found
Category Chest troop chest not found
Category Chest skill chest not found
Category Chest gem chest not found
Category Chest pet chest not found
Category Chest hero chest not found
Category Chest enhance chest not found

SignIn, Active and Online Chest Edit

Other Edit

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