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There are many types of Time Equipements, also called Medals, in Call of Gods. Medals enhance the level of the hero. Most of them have a set date of expiration (After you equip the Time Equipement to your hero does the countdown start) but this can be avoided by bring it to enhance level 12. One at level 12 the madal will stay forever, or until you sell it.

Bronze Medal LINK

Adventurers Badge LINK

Chaos Theory LINK

Polished Santa Claus Badge LINK

Devils Eye LINK

Thunder Rage LINK

Flaming Wing LINK

Galaxy LINK

beloved's hand(2-Day) LINK

Beowulf's Amulet LINK

Gods Badge LINK

Genuine Wolf Angel’s Tattoo LINK

Might of deity LINK

 Frozen Mallet(3 days)

Bless of Dragon(1-Day)

Tears of angels(7-Day)

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