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Team Dongeon has been added to the game in october 2014. You access to this feature by clicking on the dedicated button TeamDong.

Proceedings Edit

  1. Players from level 100 can join team dungeon
  2. Team dungeon opens at 07:00-09:00 and 16:00-18:00 each day
  3. You can enter team dungeon 1 time for free each day
  4. The maximum team size is 3
  5. When you enter team dungeon, system will check whether your energy satisfied the requirement, if your energy is not enough, you will not be able to join team dungeon, each battle in team dungeon will deduct corresponding energy.
  6. Only the team leadercan operate in team dungeon, if the leader disconnected, the position will transfer to other player automatically.
  7. If you disconnected accidentally, you will be reconnected to team dungeon when you log in again,you can leave team by click the exit button.
  8. If you quit the team without use the leave team function, your units will still fight in the battle with your teammates, and you can still receive your reward.
  9. The drop ratio will increase according the team dungeon level you choose.
  10. The is two available levels, lvl 100:Holly Forest and lvl 130:Purgatory

Starting screen:


You will successively fight bosses 9 bosses:


Rewards Edit

Level 100 Edit

  • Ressource Card I
  • Ressource Card II
  • Silver Key
  • Golden Key
  • Enchencement Stone I
  • purgatory treasure card(lvl.100)
  • Jade bag

purgatory treasure card(lvl.100) Edit

Lvel 130 Edit

  • Ressource Card I
  • Ressource Card II
  • Unit upgrade debrits II
  • Junior Pet EXP Pill
  • Unit upgrade Stone I
  • Unit upgrade Stone II
  • Golden Key
  • Promotion Stone I
  • Jade bag
  • purgatory treasure card(lvl.130)

purgatory treasure card(lvl.130) Edit

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