Those new elements were created the 21 february 2014. Rune will allow players with Wings (lvl 115) to use Runes to improve their stats. Seals can be used to unbound items.

Rune Edit

  • Players who have Wing can equip Runes on it. Different Slots give different percentage bonus.
  • There is no cost to unlock Slot in the first line, if you reach required wing's level or you can spend gold to unlock without waiting the wing's level. Slot 1 gives 100% bonus. Slot 2 gives 125% bonus. Slot 3 give 175% bonus. Slot 4 gives 200%. Then you can only spend gold to unlock the second rune row. Slot 5 gives 100% bonus and need 50 gold to unlock. Slot 6 gives 125% bonus and need 100 gold to unlock. Slot 3 give 175% bonus and need 150 gold to unlock. Slot 4 gives 200% and need 200 gold to unlock.
  • You can’t equip two Runes with the same name, but for example you can use two that boost the same attribute like Rune of Wisdom V and Rune of Widsom&Glory V or Rune of Glory V and Rune of Wisdom&Glory V.
  • It costs you silver to unload Runes. Unloaded Runes will return to your inventory.
  • “Sealed Times: 0/3” stands for the times an item has been sealed. When it becomes 3/3, then the item can’t be sealed again.

Seal Edit

Seal an specific item to change its status from bound to unbound, making it available for auction.

How to seal:


Use Sealstones

Select the item you want to seal


Seal the item and it will turn to sealed and unbound.

Sealed items cannot be used and you can unseal them. Unsealing cost nothing, but the item will become bound again.


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