Regia Deorum (lat. palace of (the) gods) is a neutral city open to every player of any race at lvl 30.

The special thing about the city is, that it offers Daily Quests. Those are refreshed/reset at 0:00 server time every day and reward (level-dependent) XP & silver.

The quests can easily be distinguished from regular quests as they have blue exclamation/question marks. They require to:

  • plunder (a) player/s 1-5 time/s (random)
  • spin the wheel 1-3 time/s (random)
  • (try to) learn a hero skill (a fail counts as quest completed)
  • beat 1-5 player/s in the arena (random)
  • beat 1-3 dungeon boss/es (random)
  • socket 1-2 gem/s (random, socketing 2 gems at the same time doesn't count!)
  • collect resources in your castle 1-5 time/s (random)
  • use a troop supply card
  • use a summoning horn
  • use a book of astrology
  • finish a building/tech early using coupons/gold
  • open any 1-5 chest/s or gift packet/s

Also the heroes in the tavern can be refreshed manually 5 times each day.

There are also 10 daily Bounty Quests. Those require to kill a certain monster (3-10 times) or world/dungeon boss (once). The quests come in 4 qualities: D, C, B, A & S (best). The higher the quality of the quest and/or the higher the zones/dungeons are, the more XP and better items are rewarded. E.g. a D dungeon bounty gives a better reward than a C or even B bounty in a normal zone like Infernus. The quest series is not necessarily of the same categorie (e.g. 10th: D; 9th: C; ...). Refreshing before finishing 10th quest allows to do a fresh series. Last quest gives no special "Bounty completed" bonus.

A bounties may give a silver key instead of an equipment piece, S bounties a gold key.

When not satisfied with a bounty, it can be refreshed up to 5 times each day.

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