Inf Inf Inf Inf

Poison Dragon (lvl 105) - Silent Forde

Ranged Boss (Caster?)

Formation: Offensive Wedge - 500,000 strength (Poison Dragon is 60000 strength alone).

Recommend using Reinforced Flanks or Right Guard if you have enough strength.

Most of the units are infantry/chimera. if you are strong enough (70,000+ strength), then 6 caster units in Right Guard can be used to attempt to catch the chimera before it reaches your units.

Poison Dragon is in middle lane of wedge. Looking at the wedge form, the right side (toward the bottom of screen) is where the majority of the flying units are stationed.

If using Right Guard with 70,000 + strength:


X Tr SC Tr

SC=Spellcaster unit Tr= Tramp Master

The middle stack of spell casters will take damage and probably be lost but tramp losses should be none or minimal. or....

You can use the Reinforced Flanks formation with 50,000 strength as follows:


SC SC inf SC

T2 units can be used with strength around 50,000 but tank should be a good quality tank.

Lane A: Strength

Lane B: Strength

Lane C: Strength

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