Brimstone Bosk - Arcane Pool.


Lvl 39. Class: SpellCaster. Reaches you on 4th turn. Strength:2,617.

Formation Strength:24,860. Team:6. Waves:12

Right Hammerhead formation. Position:

shooter shooter shooter shooter
shooter BOSS


Drops Wicked Pentalight and Valiant Pentalight sets.
Lvl33-40 green equipment: Rampant Wand, Enlightened Breastplate, Wisdom Pendant, Spirit Ring, Witch's Helm, Green Skull Leggings, Cursed Boots, and Hellfire Spaulders.

Cuirass of Recovery

Bloodhewn Knife

Dazzling Signet

Transmutation Items:
Halberd of the Merciless

Other: Bronze Key

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