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Pentalight Equipment (Lvl 40)

Can be found from:

Wicked Pentalight Helmet

Pentalight Helmet (Helm)

Defense: 35

Agility: 15

Accuracy: 39

Wicked Pentalight Spaulders

Pentalight Spaulders (Shoulder Armor)

Attack: 50

Defense: 73

Vitality: 63

Wicked Pentalight Breastplate

Pentalight Breastplate (Torso Armor)

Defense: 154

Agility: 50

Vitality: 23

Wicked Pentalight Dagger

Pentalight Dagger (Weapon)

Attack: 362

Double Strike: 84

Accuracy: 74

Wicked Pentalight Stone

Pentalight Stone (Neck Armor)

Attack: 117

Critical: 393

Wicked Pentalight Ring

Pentalight Ring (Ring)

Attack: 52

Accuracy: 28

Wicked Pentalight Leggings

Pentalight Leggings (Trousers)

Defense: 81

Agility: 18

Vitality: 121

Wicked Pentalight Boots

Pentalight Boots (Boots)

Defense: 42

Agility: 89

Vitality: 25

Full set bonusesEdit

Wicked Pentalight Complete

A hero equipping the complete Wicked Pentalight Set. Produces an apple green ring that elevates and circulates around it.

2/8 Items: Agility +20

4/8 Items: Attack +80

6/8 Items: Accuracy +80

8/8 Items: Critical +100

Full Set Stats:

Attack 661
Accuracy 221
Agility 192
Defense 385
Vitality 232
Dodge 0
Counter 0
Critical Strike 493
Double Strike 84
Units 0
Other None

Recommended Hero Specialty: Attack/Agility

Recommended Unit Type: Archer/Spellcaster

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