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Overview Edit

Dungeon icon

Dungeon icon.

You can enter in dungeon clicking the dungeon icon. Dungeons become available when character reaches level 10. Each following 10 levels another dungeon unlocks.

Dungeons come in three levels of difficulty: Normal, Nightmare and Hell. To unlock the higher difficulty you must have completed the previous level. Each difficulty is a 'new' dungeon, thus needs another dungeon key to enter.

Dungeon screen

Dungeon selection screen.

The monster and boss strength increase with each difficulty as well as the resources obtained. The resources formulae is:

Resources obtained = 500 * Dungeon level * Difficulty (1 for Normal, 2 for Nightmare, 3 for Hell and Fantasy).

This means that for resources it is more useful to do for example Level 40 Dungeon on Hell Difficulty (60,000 Resources) than Level 50 Dungeon on Nightmare Mode (50,000 Resources), and than level 70 Dungeon on Normal Mode (35,000 Resources). However, the higher level dungeon gives higher level loot. This is true until level 100, after this level the constant is variable.

You need Dungeon Key to enter in Normal, Nightmare and Hell dungeon after the 3 free daily attemption.

Time-Keeping Mode Edit

Timekeeping dungeon

Timekeeping dungeon.

Timekeeping mode were added during the October 25, 2012 maintenance [1]. Timekeeping dungeon is race against the clock to finish the dungeon. You can choose to complete the dungeon in fastest way (kill the dungeon boss) or clear every grid cell in it. If you complete the dungeon by killing the dungeon boss in under 10 minutes you get a reward in your mail. If you are level 50 or above you get Troop Supply Card II otherwise you get Troop Supply Card.
Timekeeping dungeon timer

Timekeeping dungeon timer.

There will be a record every time you challenge the timekeeping dungeon. The rank for the timekeeping dungeon is based on each player's personal records and it will be refreshed every week.

You can challenge the timekeeping dungeon freely once every day. If you would like to challenge it more, you have to use the item Dust of Dream. You can only do the dungeon time trial in Nightmare mode (no more than 10 levels below your own) or Hell Mode (no more than 15 levels below your own). e.g. a level 84 player can do the time trial in Nightmare or Hell mode in the level 80 dungeon (if they are strong enough) or the level 70 Hell.. but not 70 Nightmare.

List of Dungeons Edit

For complete list of dungeons see List of Dungeons.

References Edit

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