Humans worship the Dragon of Light. Their faith is the ‘law and order’ rather than ‘kindness and compassion’.

Basic InfoEdit

Despite an endless string of tests in the long history, humans guaranteed the racial continuity through determination and courage. Since an ultimate belief in brightness and justice had become an integral ingredient of each intense battle, they cared nothing about death, thus demonstrating an amazing power. However,an unexpected invasion from demons shattered the prosperity and brilliance of human civilization and threw the human dynasty into the darkest abyss of misery. Luckily, the tough humans have never abandoned their efforts to resume the racial glory and splendor. They cherish a firm belief that brightness is a devoted companion in their future struggle.




Name Att Def POP Agi Hit Vit Spd
Swordman 121 175 1 90 180 250 3
Archer 147 123 1 125 215 178 2
Cavalier 200 210 2 105 200 400 4
Monk 189 98 1 83 195 168 1
Archangel 341 255 3 155 250 540 6
Templar Knight 181 263 1 135 270 375 3
Marksman 220 185 1 188 323 267 2
Paladin 299 315 2 158 300 600 4
Oracle 283 147 1 125 293 252 1
Seraph 512 383 3 233 375 810 6


Name Description
Palace Prerequisite of constructing all buildings. Reduces building time and increases copper capacity.
Lumbermill Produce and temporarily store lumber.
Quarry Produce and temporarily store stone.
Iron Mine Produce and temporarily store iron.
Copper Mine Produce and temporarily store coin.
Barracks Place for hiring soldiers. Higher levels allow more soldiers to be recruited.
Tower of Truth Place for technology research, Higher levels allow more advanced technology research.
Smithy Produces various weapons, and increases drafting speed.
Royal Stable Provides mandatory conditions for training cavalry and flying units, and increases drafting speed.
Warehouse Increases lumber, stone and iron resource storage capacity.
Dwellings Increases city's population limit.
Wall Increases offense and defence of garrisoned troops

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