Shop accessed from Exchange Shop in Necrolis, Sanctaria, Arthlan, and/or Regia Deorum.

Gaining Honor: Arena (win or lose), Plunder (win only), Honor Card.

Item Name Cost in Honor Item Name Cost in Honor
Silver Key 250 Chaos Theory (1-Day) 700
Vicious Set Equipment (add item color) 2,000 Lizardman Archer 3,000
Black Death 4,000 Bark Monster 5,000
badge of honor 5,000 Vengeance Set Equipment (add item color) 8,000
Harmony Sword 80,000

Alliance quest items:Edit

Item Name Cost in Honor Item Name Cost in Honor
Armor Shards 10 Tarnished Longsword 10
Plain Parchment 10 Cedar Staff 10
Scrap Metal 10 Tarnished Silver Necklace 10
Spider Venom 10 Smooth Fur Pelt 10
Rare Minerals 10 Stone Chippings 10
Chainmail Shard 10 Torn Cloth 10
Lightweight Cuirass 10 Heavy Maul 10
Dried Eyeball 10 Small Fur Pelt 20
Cat's Eye Diamond 20 Spiked Beetle Charm 20
Fire Stone 20 Shadow Dust 20
Miner's Hammer 20 Jug of Dwarven Ale 20
Book of Incantations 20 Swamp Lily 20
Insect Eye 20 Enchanted Bindweed 20
Great Oak Acorn 20 Lodestone Ore 20
Fetish Mask 20 Darkstone Tablet 20

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