At Regia Deorum you can find a location called Rift Gate. At the Rift Gate you can accept Marriam's Star Struck quest or choose Hero Sacrifice.

By sacrificing a hero (A) the other hero will gain his experience/level. The higher the hero's level, the more gold is needed for the process

  • 60-69, you need 150 gold
  • 70-79, you need 200 gold
  • 80-89, you need 300 gold
  • 90-99, you need 400 gold
  • ...

Extra gold is required to transfer cultivation.


  1. You must unassign all units from the hero (A) and uneqip all items.
  2. Select this hero (A) on the left pane.
  3. Select your low level/target hero (B) on the right pane.
  4. Upon finishing the process, the old hero (A) will be removed permanently and your other hero (B) will have the old hero (A)'s experience.

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