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Overview Edit

Fantasy Dungeons were added during the January 31, 2013 maintenance [1]. Next maintaince were added more levels. The layouts of Fantasy dungeons are exactly the same as the ordinary dungeons. They actually are 4th difficulty of the same named dungeon. The monsters (including bosses) have twice as many units in comparison to the same level dungeon in Hell mode. The resource boxes contain the same amount as in Hell.

Fantasy Dungeon icon

Fantasy Dungeon icon.

To enter in a Fantasy dungeon, you need to enter in Dungeon seletion screen and click on the Fantasy dungeon icon. To unlock the next Fantasy dungeon you must have completed the previous Fantasy dungeon and the Hell difficult of the same.
Fantasy Dungeon selection screen

Fantasy Dungeon Selection screen.

Dungeons of level 70 and higher are available at a Fantasy level, and have a greater chance of dropping red equipment. The rare drops are all listed in the game on the fantasy dungeon select screen - click the magnifying glass there to learn more.

You need Dungeon Key to enter in Fantasy dungeon after the 3 free daily attemption.

List of Dungeons Edit

For complete list of dungeons see List of Dungeons.

References Edit

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