The last bastion of elven resistance against foreign invasions, the City of 1000 Caves has seen few outsiders since the end of Second Demon War. However, under the command of Eodor Swiftblade the evil Gray Elves stole in and took this mountain stronghold. They even went so far as to join forces with the rapacious Undeads to unearth the legendary treasures said to be buried there.

All monsters are Lv. 20 in Normal

Resource boxes gives 10,000


Name Type Formation
Undead Minion Infantry Blitz Atack
Black Widow Archer Defensive Form
Spririt Sentinel SpellCaster Reinforced Flanks
Geomancer SpellCaster Offensive wedge
Giant Aquila Flying Unit Left Hammerhead



Boss: Bowmaster Jochanan

Formation: Reinforced Flanks

??? Range Unit Range Unit Range Unit
Range Unit BJ

Loot: Tome of Fortitude I


Boss: Queen Arachnia

Formation: Offensive wedge

Range Unit Range Unit
??? Range Unit Range Unit QA


Eodor Swiftblade

Formation: Blitz Atack

Range Unit Range Unit
??? ??? ES Range Unit

Loot: Silver KeySilver Card

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