All monsters are Lv. 33 in Nightmar

Resource boxes gives 30,000


Name Type Formation
Lightning Lizardkin Infantry Left Hammerhead
Lightning Moth Archer Defensive Form
Scorpid Guardian Cavalry Ofensive Wedge
Thunderclap Enforcer Spellcaster

Reinforced Flanks

Blueskin Harpy Flying Unit Blitz Attack


Cog ragul rotfin

Ragul Rotfin

Boss: Ragul Rotfin

Formation: Blitz Attack

Drop: Nature's Essence

Cog malachim the mercliess

Malachim the Mercliess

Boss: Malachim the Merciless

Formation: Reinforced Flanks

Drop: Aquamarine, Left Hammerhead Chapter 5

Counter formation: Blitz Attack, Defensive Form.



Boss: Princess Sephine

Formation: Left Hammerhead

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