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Dungeons become available when character reaches level 10. Each following 10 levels another dungeon unlocks. Entering a dungeon, uses up one dungeon key. Each player, each day can enter a total of 6 dungeons, half of them for free dungeon keys and half by using items "Dungeon Keys".
Dungeons contain:
Resource Boxes Monster Encounters Portals
Random Encounter (Monster, Chest or Resource) Treasure Chests Boss Encounters

Each dungeon has 3 areas connected through one-way-portals. Within each area is one boss (called Dungeon Guardian). In each dungeon there are always three bosses: two sidebosses and one main boss. Once inside the dungeon - there is a possibility that both of the sidebosses have spawned the same.

Dungeons also come in three levels of difficulty: Normal, Nightmare and Hell. To unlock the higher difficulty you must have completed the previous level. Each difficulty is a 'new' dungeon, thus needs another dungeon key to enter. Dungeons of level 70 and higher are also available at a "Fantasy" level, which offer an even greater challenge and provide better loot compared to Hell difficulty.

The monster and boss strength increase with each difficulty as well as the resources obtained. The resources formulae is: Resources obtained = 500 * Dungeon level * Difficulty (1 for Normal, 2 for Nightmare, 3 for Hell and Fantasy). This means that for resources it is more useful to do for example Level 40 Dungeon on Hell Difficulty (60,000 Resources) than Level 50 Dungeon on Nightmare Mode (50,000 Resources), and than level 70 Dungeon on Normal Mode (35,000 Resources). However, the higher level dungeon gives higher level loot.

For a list of available monster, bosses and loot, consult one of the dungeon pages from the list below.

Fantasy DungeonsEdit

Fantasy Dungeons were added during the January 31, 2013 maintenance. The layouts of fantasy dungeons are exactly the same as the ordinary dungeons. They actually are 4th difficulty of the same named dungeon. The monsters (including bosses) have twice as many units in comparison to the same level dungeon in Hell mode. The resource boxes contain the same amount as in Hell.

Fantasy dungeons have a greater chance of dropping red equipment. The rare drops are all listed in the game on the fantasy dungeon select screen - click the magnifying glass there to learn more.

List of DungeonsEdit

Level Name Available Difficulties
Cimmerian Dungeon
Normal, Nightmare, Hell
City of 1000 Caves
Normal, Nightmare, Hell
Boltrift Valley
Normal, Nightmare, Hell
Spellbreakers' Roost
Normal, Nightmare, Hell
Normal, Nightmare, Hell
The Burning Path
Normal, Nightmare, Hell
Normal, Nightmare, Hell, Fantasy
Desert Labyrinth
Normal, Nightmare, Hell, Fantasy
Shrine of the Elements
Normal, Nightmare, Hell, Fantasy
Normal, Nightmare, Hell, Fantasy
Sulfur Cloister
Normal, Nightmare, Hell, Fantasy
Crystal Cave
Normal, Nightmare, Hell, Fantasy

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