6 different currencies exist in the game:

  • Gold - can be obtained through paying real money, or by selling items in the Auction House, but this is lowly probable let's given that intersting items are account bounds. Gold can be used for ... pretty much anything for you to get more from the game than non golds users. Used in Shop, purchasing VIP, Skill Learning, Item Socketing, advance Transmutation, Hero Sacrifice, normal and advance Wheel of Fortune, Finishing timer on many things (building/technology/etc.), and much more.
  • Silver - can be obtained as drops (world bosses, dungeon mobs/bosses), from quests, won (or lost) by betting on the champions cup, Silver Card (drop) or bought with gold. Silver is used in the Shop, to list items in Auction House (unless you are VIP), to skip non-team-boss battles, and to donate to Alliances in exchange for Reputation.
  • Coupons - you start the game with some, claim as reward for completing Goals, and several other ways. Used in Shop and a few various places as alternative to gold.
  • Score - can only be obtained by performing specified actions during certain events. It is used to buy items from the score shop.
  • Black Spur - Can be obtained through Daily tab rewards. It is used to buy items from the Black Market. The Black Market is open for 1 hour each day, from 0:00 to :01:00 and 12:00 to 13:00 (Server Time) every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.