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Crystal Cave {{{caption}}}
You learn from soldier "Don Ouixote" who guards the Ancient Ruins that there is a crystal cave here.However, even "Don quixote" has not entered into the cave himself which is said to be so chilly that everything will be frozen immediately. And deep in the cave lies even the ancient FrostWyrm, the treasure guardian, who secures the legendary treasure of irresistible power. Without any exception, these treasures are of enormous appeal which prompts you to ignore the danger and go into the cave. Although you are a brave warrior, what you will encounter are those incredibly powerful enemies that you may have never met before. Unless you are fully prepared, this is going to be death journey.

Difficult Edit

This dugeon has the following levels of difficult:

Normal Nightmare Hell Fantasy Sky
Character Level 100 100 100 100 {{{charlevelsky}}}
Resource 100,000 200,000 400,000 400,000
Mobs Level 120 123 128 128
EXP 21,000 33,600 187,200 374,400
Boss Level 125 128 133 133
EXP 120,000 180,000 1,728,000 3,456,000
360,000 528,000 5,760,000 11,520,000
Drop list Drop list Drop list Drop list Drop list

Map Edit

Lost Hall

Lost Hall (39 squares)

Ice Dragon Treasure

Ice Dragon Treasure (42 squares)

Surveillant Cloister

Surveillant Cloister (39 squares)

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