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This is the home page of a Call Of Gods Wiki project. A project is a collaboration of editors improving articles and other content related to a particular subject. For more information, see Project:Projects.
This project's scope encompasses a subject that does not have a definitive end. Editors are encouraged to contribute as available tasks and time permits.

The Article Improvement Project is the Call Of Gods Wiki's ongoing project to improve the overall quality of articles by adding references, more information, or other missing or needed items.

Scope Edit

Before we start to go through the pages I'd like to see who is interested in helping with this project. This will help us to talk about this project before we start and then bring in a plan from this. But currently the main basis of this project will be to:

  • Fill out sections which are missing, finish infoboxes and make sure the article is detailed enough.
  • check and correct spelling and grammar.
  • Check the various article layout to see what is required content.
  • After we feel this point has been reached I think it will be okay to remove the stub marker.

If you want participate, but don't known how or don't want edit the page, you can help simply leave the required information in talk page and someone will add it to the page.

Participants Edit

To participate, simply add your name below using {{userlink|your user name}}. Place every participant on a new line and keep them in alphabetical order except for the project leader.

List of Articles to be Improved Edit

These lists are generated automatically based on the pages in the sub-category of Article Improvement Project.

To add article to this list simply add {{Project|Article improvement}} or code>{{Project|Article improvement|subcat}}</code> to the article management templates message box that describe the problem.

Generic Edit

See MessageBox for better info where the problem is.

Grammar and Spelling Edit

Article need to revised for grammar and spelling improvement.

Max Socket Edit

Equipment Infobox missing data about max socket.To correct the issue insert into infobox the parameter |maxsocket = num with correct number of max socket.

Moster XPEdit

Monster Infobox and/or Dungeon Infotable missing data about experience done by kliing the monster. To correct this issue compile the paramenter |experience = with the correct value.
NOTE: The correct experience value to insert is when character and moster have the same level or gap minor of 5.

Summon Edit

Summon section missing data about material and quantity. To corect this issue compile the Summon section with the request data using this form:
This item is {{Summon|TYPE}}:
* {{Item|MATERIAL1}}, {{Item|MATERIAL2}}, {{Item|MATERIAL3}}, {{Item|MATERIAL4}}, {{Item|MATERIAL5}}.</code>

Related resources Edit

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