This new element was incorporated the the game the 20 december 2013. It is designed to supplement and improve “Hero Reincarnation”. Players will have access to it when reached level 100. Heroes who have been reincarnated can equip various star souls divined from “Astro” to boost their strength.

How to Get Star Souls Edit

Click “Divine Star Soul” button from “Astrology” tab under “Hero” interface.

  1. You can divine star souls for at most 20 times every day. After that, you may purchase 10 extra attempts, each for 5 gold. Attempts will be reset to 20 on the next day. Hence, once you purchase extra attempts, you had better use it as soon as possible.
  2. There are five crystal balls from left to right which represent Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Saturn sequentially.

Divining a star soul by the previous crystal ball may possibly unlock the next crystal ball, from which you will be able to divine star souls of higher quality.

  1. The fourth crystal ball, namely “Mars” can be activated directly if you spend 30 Gold.
  2. “Shattered shard” is a special star soul meant to signify a "bad result". It can't be picked up, but can be sold for 1000 silver.
  3. Once you divine a star soul, you can choose to pick up or sell it. However, if you choose to pick it up, you won't be able to sell it later (though you may convert it into exp for another star soul).
  4. The temporary star soul storage can only hold 16 souls. Hence, if it is full, you have to pick up or sell some of them before divining more.
  5. If you click One-click Gathering, the star souls in the temporary storage will be collected automatically and sent to your star soul inventory.
  6. If you click One-click Selling, the system will sell those shattered shards automatically. 9. Click to check your star soul inventory.
  7. Click Astral to check your star soul inventory.

Equipping Star Souls Edit

  1. Two soul equip slots unlocks for a hero after every reincarnation.
So heroes who have never been reincarnated can’t equip star souls and will not be displayed in this interface; 1st generation heroes can equip two star souls; 2nd generation heroes can equip 4 star souls. 3rd generation heroes can equip 6 star souls.
  1. SoulStorage

You get five initial slots in your star soul inventory. Yet you may expand your inventory up to 20 slots with gold later.

  1. You can't equip two star souls that boost the same stat (e.g. a green

quality attack soul and an orange quality attack soul in the same time.)

  1. Engulfing other star souls will increase a star soul’s experience. To engulf a star soul, simply drag one to another. Once a star soul’s required exp has been reached, it will be upgraded. To help effectively utilize this mechanism, the system only allows engulfing lower level

star souls with higher level ones.

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