Elf Arthlan City

Arthlan: The Elves' home city.

 Arthlan is one of three race cities in the Masure mainland, and is the capital / home city of the Elf race. All elves start their journey in this city and cannot access the main cities and lands of other races until they reach level 30.

The following buildings are unique to the Elf and each have clickable NPCs that players can interact with and obtain tasks and rewards from, depending on their current level:


The Elf King's glittering palace in the capital city of Arthlan and an important site for information and quests.

Elf Arthlan KingTree

Kingtree NPCs.

Garden of LifeEdit

Ringed in green, the Garden of Life stands in the main plaza of Arthlan.

Elf Arthlan GardenOfLife

Garden of Life NPCs.

Ancients of WarEdit

Arthlan's Warfare Center.

Elf Arthlan AncientsOfWar

Ancients of War NPC.

War AcademyEdit

Arthlan's center for military training.

Elf Arthlan WarAcademy

The War Academy.

Ironbark ForgeEdit

Arthlan's central forge for weapons of war.

Elf Arthlan IronbarkForge

Ironbark Forge NPCs.

Raina Galaron (Transmutation Master) - click on Transmute Items  and you'll be taken to the Transmutation panel. You can transmute books and equipments here provided you have all the necessary materials.

Vaniion Aldamiel (Gem Socketeer) - click on Socket Items and you'll be taken to the Item Socketing panel. Here you can embed gems into your equipments to enhance or make them more powerful.

Aranwen Ondoval (Skills Master) - click on Skill Learning and you'll be taken to the Skill Learning panel. Here you will be able to equip your heroes with skillbooks to increase their attributes.


  • Auction House (removed from all race's main cities and only made available at Regia Deorum)
  • Tavern - where you can recruit heroes from. This is available in all race's main cities.


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