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Abyss of Tungs {{{caption}}}
It's said the foundation of ancient elf full of lives, every creature dying to be there, people can find the secret that keep long living. Then battle starts between the elves because of the evil power, the old holy place now full of darkness, you will face the attack of dark elves when you be there.

Difficult Edit

This dugeon has the following levels of difficult:

Normal Nightmare Hell Fantasy Sky
Character Level {{{charlevelnormal}}} {{{charlevelnightmare}}} {{{charlevelhell}}} {{{charlevelfantasy}}} 120
Resource 400,000
Mobs Level 130
EXP 160,000
Boss Level 140
EXP 15,020,000
Drop list Drop list Drop list Drop list Drop list

Map Edit

Delay of waste

Delay of waste (40 squares)

Remote oasis

Remote oasis (37 squares)

Feeling jungle

Feeling jungle (42 squares)

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